back to article Ventana bumps performance on Veyron RISC-V silicon to surely speed up servers

RISC-V server chip designer Ventana Micro Systems has pushed out its second generation Veyron processor, squeezing in more cores and the ability for customers to add custom accelerator bits to a bespoke system-on-chip (SoC) blueprint. Ventana launched its first generation kit, the Veyron V1, at last year’s RISC-V Summit, …

  1. Groo The Wanderer Bronze badge

    I watch the RISC-V space with great interest; I'm convinced it's open-source-blueprint model is going to upset the market as much as Arm did when Apple switched to them. The portability of Linux and its toolchains is making it economical and resulting in fast turnaround for such a new architecture.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Unfounded fears

    I saw a surge in interest for RISC-V when NVIDIA wanted to buy ARM. It looks like this was a wake up call that so much relied on ARM and people needed to diversify. My big fear was that once that deal was off the table it would be business as usual and RISC-V would remain a curiosity with no serious user base. I'm glad to see I was wrong and people are still working on RISC-V. I have nothing against ARM, I'm just glad to see more diversity in CPU architectures.

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