back to article Epyc 3 ain't done yet – AMD extends availability to 2026, unleashes six more SKUs

Nearly a year after launching 4th-gen Epycs, AMD still isn't ready to retire the 3rd-Gen processor family, confirming it is now extending availability of the line through 2026 and revealing six new-ish SKUs. "We have seen a clear opportunity to give our customers more options that bring the leadership performance and …

  1. talk_is_cheap

    Well even in the retail market Intel still has available Q3'18 Xeon's available, so server chips have a long life. The limiting factor is more the availability of low-cost motherboards for such chips.

    1. Roland6 Silver badge

      I suggest even in the desktop/laptop market the 2020 released AMD Renoir (zen 2) CPU/APUs have something to offer, the only question is whether AMD can or want to reduce the price to effectively knock out the low end CPUs.

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