back to article Bing Chat so hungry for GPUs, Microsoft will rent them from Oracle

Demand for Microsoft's AI services is apparently so great – or Redmond's resources so tight – that the software giant plans to offload some of the machine-learning models used by Bing Search to Oracle's GPU supercluster as part of a multi-year agreement announced Tuesday. "Our collaboration with Oracle and use of Oracle Cloud …

  1. NeilPost Silver badge

    Bing Forcing

    “On desktop, Bing climbed to 9.1 percen”

    Does this %tge include when Bing forces itself on you - like a sexual predator - after Windows Updates. Regardless of your declared preferences.

  2. Julian 8 Silver badge

    Forget speed of searching, improve accuracy first

    I think they need to improve the accuracy of their searching before speed. I'd rather good search results in 2/3 seconds, than the current crap in 1 second

    1. CrackedNoggin Bronze badge

      Re: Forget speed of searching, improve accuracy first

      Yes, and I don't want summaries. I want good references.

      1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

        Re: Forget speed of searching, improve accuracy first

        There is a certain very good browser that uses Bing for $ome rea$on - the summary to any technical search is just an AI generated word-salad of randomly named config files and command options with your search term wedged in

    2. cyberdemon Silver badge

      Re: Forget speed of searching, improve accuracy first

      If you wanted anything resembling accuracy, you'd have to wait a lot longer than 1 second for Bing to pull it out of its arse Gen-AI GPU cluster

  3. steamnut

    Be afraid, very afraid.

    Microsoft cosying up to Oracle sounds like a marriage made in hell.

    Every Bing search (I know a few people use it) will bombard you with Oracle ads and vice-versa.

    What next Salesforce and SAP? Intel and AMD?

    1. Nate Amsden

      Re: Be afraid, very afraid.

      Perhaps ublock origin blocks them I am not sure but I don't recall ever noticing ads for Oracle on bing searches with firefox on desktop linux or firefox on android both with ublock origin.

      Switched to bing myself from google maybe 4-5 or 6 or 7 years ago I forget now, never have felt a need to go back it works fine for me.

      I've never used bing chat, or any of the other AI chat things myself, haven't had a use for them yet anyway.

  4. druck Silver badge


    I'm sure Larry will have offered Microsoft a hefty discount - NOT!

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: Discount

      Given that he will be charging them a per-seat licence * the total number of Windows machines in the world * number of CPU cores = I hope so

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    We've had early access to an MS Chatbot service; where in theory one feeds it our technical specifications and the user can ask questions of it.

    I do not want to know how big the overhead is to run this. They aren't small documents, numerous, and span generations of research and development.

    I am, to say the least, extremely dubious of such capabilities. Throwing buckets of third party GPUs to process OUR documentation is asking for theft of IP; to say nothing of the fact the user NOT reading the documentation and instead relying on a bot will miss something important.

    "It's the future" our CIO's claim, while raking it in for themselves at the longer term expense of the business.

    Am I overreacting? Should I give two shits about an employer determined to throw it's edge away in the name of a few marketing buzzwords that the current CIO spouts? An employer I've been at for nearly two decades and could easily do job for life in?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Microsoft is laying off dozens of journalists and editorial workers at its Microsoft News and MSN organizations. The layoffs are part of a bigger push by Microsoft to rely on artificial intelligence...[The Verge]

    The Guardian has accused Microsoft of damaging its journalistic reputation by publishing an AI-generated poll speculating on the cause of a woman’s death next to an article by the news publisher. Microsoft’s news aggregation service published the automated poll next to a Guardian story about the death of Lilie James, a 21-year-old water polo coach who was found dead with serious head injuries at a school in Sydney last week. The poll, created by an AI program, asked: “What do you think is the reason behind the woman’s death?” Readers were then asked to choose from three options: murder, accident or suicide. Readers reacted angrily to the poll, which has subsequently been taken down – although highly critical reader comments on the deleted survey were still online as of Tuesday morning. A reader said one of the Guardian reporters bylined on the adjacent story, who had nothing to do with the poll, should be sacked. [The Guardian]

    This will drive users back to Google!

    Well, the other day I needed to phone Kaiser Health advice line for my wife. I used the phone number that number the came up first in Google. But that was the wrong number. Looked again and realized I had quoted the "AI summary" that guts pushed to the top now on all Google searches. Scrolled down a little further to the old-fashioned links, and found the real number. Progress!

    Burning Money!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Progress

      A Microsoft spokesperson said: “We have deactivated Microsoft-generated polls for all news articles and we are investigating the cause of the inappropriate content. A poll should not have appeared alongside an article of this nature, and we are taking steps to help prevent this kind of error from reoccurring in the future.”

      Humans hired to wipe AI's bum.

  7. Simon Harris

    Up in smoke

    Have we reached the point yet where over-reliance on LLMs has become a bigger waste of terawatt hours than bitcoin mining?

    1. spireite Silver badge

      Re: Up in smoke

      Gotta be close surely.

  8. staringatclouds

    Time was I couldn't afford a new graphics card for my PC because of Bitcoin

    Now I can't afford a new graphics card for my PC because of overhyped LLM autocompletion engines

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      But the GPU that you can't afford and get stock of, is now so much more powerful because of this

      1. scenerywhale

        If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is able to afford to hear it make a sound, did it really fall?

  9. steviebuk Silver badge


    Any time a chat bot comes up when I'm looking for support I will continue to type:

    "Put me through to a person. Fuck off bot"

    A few back and fourths and several more fuck offs and it gives up and puts me through to a person.

  10. Dadz

    simulated intelligence

    I asked Bing AI to tell me "does any kindle support a bluetooth page turning device."

    It told me that certain models of kindle did support this and others did not.

    Its references were a reddit post about using the kindle app, and an ifixit article about hacking in a cable to allow for page turning.

    It also suggested I could pair a compatible remote with my Kindle (none of which exist) or I could use the FireTV app on my cell phone as a remote.

    However further research using I rather than AI showed that Kindles unlike other e-readers do not support bluetooth page turning buttons.

    The only option is a radio-controlled clip which triggers the touchscreen to advance the page.

    All of these chat models are designed to provide answers based on what word is statistically most likely to come next, and are not grounded in reality.

    So you can't rely on them for factual information yet, even if you give them internet access.

    We need cognitive intelligence, not statistically simulated intelligence. This AI gold rush is destined to flop.

  11. jglathe

    So that ORCL cloud infrastructure is under-utilized, no?

    who would've thought. Just baffled.

    1. spireite Silver badge

      Re: So that ORCL cloud infrastructure is under-utilized, no?

      The lack of processing power is Mordor on the response time..

  12. PeterM42

    Artificial Intelligence.......

    .......Human Stupidity.

    BTW, Microsoft Maps has multiple significant errors just in my local ½-square mile. Makes one wonder about the rest of the world.

  13. SusiW

    Hey M$, save yourselves $$$s by turning off bing in Skype!

    I have to use Skype for communications within our company, and to be honest, it's occasionally useful elsewhere.

    However, bing in iOS Skype two days ago would not let me send a message until I'd sent it to Skype first!

    Options were something like "Ask bing" and "Maybe later."

    "Maybe later" option just went back to the Send button which... yup, brought up the same dumb Ask bing screen again.

    Rinse and repeat.

    Turning off bing, blocking bong, reporting bang as spam, doesn't work for long, as it reinserts itself after Skype/phone is restarted.

    Bing, something we don't want. Something we're paying for. Nothing is free.

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