back to article US slaps sanctions on accused fave go-to money launderer of Russia's rich

A Russian woman the US accuses of being a career money launderer is the latest to be sanctioned by the country for her alleged role in moving hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of oligarchs and ransomware criminals. A young couple shop at Louis Vuitton in Moscow's Stoleshnikov Pereulok, one of the most expensive …

  1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    fave go-to money launderer

    Deutsche Bank ?

    1. elsergiovolador Silver badge

      Re: fave go-to money launderer

      any bank?

      1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

        Re: fave go-to money launderer

        Not just any bank, you need one that's so desperate it will lend to customers on its own blacklist to make this Qs bonus.

  2. Bill Gates

    Money laundering is good. It is only a crime to the robbers in government.

  3. Youngone Silver badge

    Bad news

    Won't this affect the London property market?

    1. IGotOut Silver badge

      Re: Bad news

      Hopefully, yes.

      The UK housing market is completely and utterly fucked now.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Bad news

        It's not just property speculation, prices have also been kept artificially high by the "help to buy" scheme, which has increased the amount of money people at the low end of the housing market can spend on a house, with the result of keeping house prices higher than they would have been without the scheme. That has the knock on effect of keeping all house prices and rents higher.

        If we want to make houses more affordable, then we have to keep new-build prices down, and unfortunately, probably the only way of doing that is to remove the profit element from the equation. (i.e. encourage "not-for profit" developers somehow..)

        1. Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

          Re: Bad news

          Non-profit i.e. local councils or the government could build them. Like they used to, before housing associations took over.

          Limit by-to-let, and ban interest-only mortgages for any property you don't live in. Cap rental rates. These wouild help balance rental againt bought properties, drive down rents which in turn could reduce house prices.

          Another approach would be to rationalise and thin out the mountain of building regs, planning regs, energy reg, environmental regs, and so on that need to be complied with, and seem to grow every year. Keeping track of, and in line with, all of those adds huge administrative, labour and materials costs.

          Materials price increases, inflation, materials scarcity, ridiculously inflated land prices, lack of sufficiently skilled tradespeople, these all further contribute to sky-high prices.

          But the biggest difference by far is to rebalance the supply side of housing so it can keep pace with demand. Which brings us back to non-profit builds done by the only groups who would have any mandate or ability to do so: councils and governments.

  4. Alan Brown Silver badge

    Who else thought

    On reading the headline that it would be another indictement of the Mango Menace?

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