back to article Mozilla tells extension developers to get ready to finally go mobile

At long last, Mozilla is planning to make browser extensions, also known as add-ons, available for Firefox on Android, at some point following the expected November 21 release of the browser's version 120 build. This week, the organization urged developers to evaluate their extension code in preparation for the occasion, since …

  1. sarusa Silver badge


    I don't use Firefox on mobile because... well, there's no point without my extensions and other browsers have ad-blocking built in.

    If I can use uBlock Origin (and my other must-haves) on FF mobile suddenly I'm interested.

    1. Graham Dawson Silver badge

      Re: Finally!

      I've been using fennec, a Firefox build from the f-droid store, for the last year or so. It has extensions enabled (as well as a bunch of telemetry disabled) and runs ublock without issue. Turns out it's just a feature flag and the only thing stopping Mozilla from enabling it was their own reluctance to do so.

      1. Chris Peterson 1

        Re: Finally!

        Mozilla's Firefox Android version already supports uBlock Origin (and a limited list about 20 other extensions), so you don't need to install F-Droid's Fennec to install uBlock Origin. This Mozilla announcement is about allowing users to install extensions that aren't on that list.

        1. Dan 55 Silver badge

          Re: Finally!

          Unless I'm part of some A/B testing, they already allow everyone to re-enable the extensions that were disabled a few years back. I think this change happened 3-4 major versions ago.

        2. Arthur the cat Silver badge

          Re: Finally!

          Mozilla's Firefox Android version already supports uBlock Origin (and a limited list about 20 other extensions)

          I've had uBlock Origin and NoScript running on Firefox + Android since it was announced. Very useful.

    2. joed

      Re: Finally!

      I had to double check phone - I've been running FF (standard channel and beta) for almost a year now with ublock and noscript. None of them has been installed through F-droid. I'd not use Chrome for regular web browsing.

      1. ske1fr
        Thumb Down

        Re: Finally!

        I'd not use Chrome.

    3. ske1fr

      Re: Finally!

      I've been using the specified add-on for ages. I'd rather not add all the others I use on desktop because I'd be leary of FF slowing down on the phone.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What % of mobile users actually use Firefox?

    I'll live without it until it supports zoom and reflow (See Opera).

    Especially as my eyesight is starting to deteriorate.

    1. Mockup1974 Bronze badge

      Re: What % of mobile users actually use Firefox?

      To be fair, Opera is the only browser supporting text reflow. Chrome also doesn't have it.

    2. Trixr

      Re: What % of mobile users actually use Firefox?

      Atlas Browser used to have that on Android - an excellent browser that sadly stopped being developed and is now obsolete. I still miss it. One-click disablement of Javascript from the main screen being a leading feature, along with the built-in adblock.

      uBlock on FF Android is ok, as is the Crystal adblock on the Samsung browser, which I actually like too. However, only FF seems to still allow YouTube streaming with the screen locked.

  3. ecofeco Silver badge

    To get ready?

    I've already seen new add ons for mobile this week and even installed a couple.

    And Chrome can now kiss my grits.

  4. CapnBlumpkin

    I've been using extensions in a custom addon collection through Firefox nightly for ages, had no idea the vanilla browser was so far behind.

    1. ecofeco Silver badge

      Mobile? Becasue I've been waiting for FF mobile to enable add-in for security and it's seems they finally done it, whereas early this year, there were no add ons.

  5. pip25

    Too little too late

    Firefox's market share has completely evaporated on mobile. I've jumped ship when they disallowed everything but a handful of extensions years ago, and would definitely think twice before coming back.

  6. Mockup1974 Bronze badge

    Unfortunately there is no API parity it seems, for example "History Cleaner" (a 'recommended' extension) doesn't work on Android because the history API is inaccessible.

  7. mark l 2 Silver badge

    I can confirm that Ublock origin has been an available add on for Firefox for Android for at least a couple of years it was the main reason I installed Firefox on my phone in the first place. But I will look to see if the containers add on is available and working for the mobile version as that is a very handy extension i used on Firefox on my PC.

  8. Sleep deprived

    I wish they'd restore options as well

    Whenever I return to Firefox on Android, it reloads my tabs (sometimes failing if I have no Internet access). I understand this tab unloading could be disabled in earlier versions, but this option no longer exists.

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