back to article Apple's year ends with surging services, a billion subscribers, and a view of generation next

Apple has posted revenue of $383.3 billion – or about $12,000 per second – for the year, cracked the billion-subscriber barrier, and welcomed increased demand for its goods and services in new markets. The full year revenue result was down $11 billion year-on-year, and Q4 revenue of $89.5 billion was about $700 million lower …

  1. Mitoo Bobsworth


    As I read at this article, it leads me to consider that Apple has changed its' focus of innovation to avarice.

  2. Kristian Walsh Silver badge

    " two out of three college students use a Mac"

    .. I presume this in the USA, where the college-loan business throws cash at first-year students, knowing that the interest will rack up over the following years. Unsurprisingly, when handed “free” money, teenagers who are told they’ll need a laptop will buy the most expensive model they can get...

    In other countries where students have to cough-up for gear using their own means, Apple is nowhere near as popular.

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