back to article Snowflake puts LLMs in the hands of SQL and Python coders

Cloud data warehouse biz Snowflake has launched a fully managed service designed to rid developers building LLMs into their applications of the onerous task of creating the supporting infrastructure. Currently in private preview, the bundle of services built under the Snowflake Cortex brand aims to provide the building blocks …

  1. Gordon 10

    Alex Savage doesnt seem to have a clue what he is talking about

    Unless you're a tier one enterprise who can piss money and pride up the wall developing your own LLM's the only game in town are those LLM's from the hyperscalers, for which re-training and fine tuning are very limited options anyway. With a bit of prompt engineering they are pretty good - certainly for the general stuff you're likely to throw at them via Snowflake.

    The actually cost of running the hyperscalars LLM's are buttons too - only the artificial price points set by the hyperscalars is a consideration. Anything from with GPT3.5Turbo is peanuts, GPT4 is still expensive but expect that to come down as the competition builds....

    (Theres some interesting low resource LLM's emerging on places like Hugging Face, but Consumer grade LLM's from the hyperscalers is mostly where its going to be at unless you've got a big Data Science team struggling to stay relevant.).

  2. Steve Channell

    put down the cool aid

    "Snowflake was founded in 2012 and was one of the early proponents of separating storage from compute" - shared disk parallel processing was the foundation of "Oracle Parallel Server" (sic) a quarter of a century ago.. what is new is applying it as a cloud only option.

    The genius was [1] Identifying that AWS S3 solves the same problem as HDFS [2] Marketing an old idea as the next iteration of big data

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