back to article Cloudflare dashboard, API service feeling poorly due to datacenter power snafu

Cloudflare is having a bad day amid reports of problems with its dashboard and API service following datacenter power issues. The web security provider said cached files served via the Cloudflare CDN and other security features at the Cloudflare Edge were unaffected, however, the dashboard and API are most definitely not well …

  1. Dr Who

    Who polices the policeman

    Cloudflare provides reliability and continuity services to a *lot* of customers. There is nobody providing those same services to Cloudflare.

    As well as these latest incidents, their distributed DNS name services (which are used as the default in a lot of data centre environments, in the same way as Google's name servers are set as defaults in may places) went tits up on the 2nd of October with intermittent fails for the same lookups. Again that was due to a reconfiguration / upgrade snafu.

  2. Bitsminer Silver badge

    multiple generator failures

    Infected by the LackofDiesel virus I assume?

    1. ChoHag Silver badge

      Re: multiple generator failures

      Of course not! I'm sure they test for it regularly.

      1. usbac Silver badge

        Re: multiple generator failures

        I've never understood this. Companies are quick to point out that they "exercise" their generators once a week. They test them by idling them for a few minutes, and then shut them down.

        I would ask: When was the last time you ran them at 80% load for a solid week, at a hot time of the year? How about in subzero temperatures?

        Many years ago I was shopping for a mid-sized diesel generator for agricultural use. I visited a company in a nearby state that sold and repaired generators. They took me out to the back of the building and showed me their load testing setup. It was a large, two-story metal cage with a whole bunch of very big resistors. They could load test up to 500KW continuously. They told me that once they repaired a generator, they would run it at 100% load for 24 hours before they would release it.

    2. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

      Re: multiple generator failures

      If they're old generators that run as clean as a pile of burning tires, it could have been the local government telling CF to shut them off.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Anyone know if the Workday outage is related? Workday is currently down "due to a power outage".

  4. Reginald O.

    Sure, blame the generator...

    "... which triggered a rollback … which failed". I hate it when that happens. It's definitely a "bad thing".

    However, trying to blame some defenseless imported generators for the more recent debacle seems un-ninja like for the CF cyber warriors.

    Sounds like something I would say.

  5. t245t Silver badge

    Multiple generator failures

    “there were multiple generator failures that took the facilities entirely offline.”

    When was the last time anyone tested the generators. They do have a scheduled test of such?

    "We have failed over to our disaster recovery facility”

    Is that an accurate quote ?

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