back to article Stanford schooled in cybersecurity after Akira claims ransomware attack

Stanford University has confirmed it is "investigating a cybersecurity incident" after an attack last week by the Akira ransomware group. Akira claimed the attack on Stanford on October 27, saying it had stolen 430 GB worth of data from the renowned education institution. Other than the volume of data allegedly stolen by the …

  1. JessicaRabbit

    Just checking to see if I can actually post a comment here seeing as it seems to be broken for "Tech bros still cling to sexist stereotypes, forgetting female pioneers who coded their path".

  2. Sleep deprived

    Want to hack Stanford U?

    Please take a number and wait for your turn.

  3. t245t Silver badge

    Stanford University: Advanced Cybersecurity Program

    Advanced Cybersecurity Program: Stanford School of Engineering: Certificate of Achievement: All-Access Plan: $3,250 $2,925

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