back to article Help, Android 14 ate my Pixel! Bug causes endless reboots, loss of storage access

Google has confirmed that some people's Pixel devices have lost access to local storage or become trapped in reboot loops after applying the Android 14 software update. Reports of problems began showing up earlier this month, shortly after the October 4 release of Android 14. Bug reports filed to Google's Issue Tracker on …

  1. David 132 Silver badge


    Which will Google fear more: the inevitable ambulance-chasing class-action suits from disgruntled users?

    ...or the "Infringement of Patented Business Process" suit from Microsoft's Windows Update team?

    1. Annihilator

      Re: Uh-oh...

      You genuinely elicited an audible chuckle from me there, bravo.

    2. Strahd Ivarius Silver badge

      Re: Uh-oh...

      Don't forget that preventing users from accessing their data is also ensuring they won't share it by mistake...

      The big question here being: does Google still have access to it for advertisement purposes?

  2. Johannesburgel12

    It's mind-boggling how long these constant hardware and software issues with Google devices have been going on. Even the old Nexus line was riddled with problems, hardly any of my Nexus phones or tablets made it past the two year mark.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      There's another bug current with prior versions of Androiud where, if Google Play is updated, it can't be updated again: Whilst it will work, it won't get any further updates, essentially borked

      I'm sure Alphabet. Google's parent company, is also their Philosophy: Alpha and Beta products

  3. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    Local storage is so last decade

    Google effectively banished microSD storage by requiring Play Store apps to use a Storage Area Framework with floppy disk levels of IOPS. There must be another trick that Google can use to force people off local storage and into a paid Google Cloud account...

  4. Neil C Burns

    my pixel 4 updated this month, and is doing the same. first starts with the storeage free size shirinking day by day, almost hour by hour, then moaning low space then reboots. i did do a fac reset, but still does it...

  5. abend0c4

    Multiple users has always been iffy

    A previous Android update caused NFC payments to break for people who had some form of multiple users set up. I suspect this is all related to the ongoing tightening up of previously lax permissions and, possibly, not testing them sufficiently in less-common configurations.

    1. Strahd Ivarius Silver badge

      Re: Multiple users has always been iffy


      Are you kidding?

  6. Tron Silver badge

    Tell me more of this 'local storage'.

    They don't have SD-RAM card slots. Which is why I've never bought one, and never will.

  7. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Don't worry, if Google hardware goes wrong just buy a new one

    Google says it can’t fix Pixel Watches, please just buy a new one

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