back to article Broadcom, VMware insist merger to 'close soon' as China plays hard to get

VMware and Broadcom are trying to quell investor fears that China's competition regulator could kill the proposed $61 billion merger, issuing a joint statement to say the transaction "will close soon". Uncertainty surrounds Broadcom's takeover of cloud and virtualization outfit VMware. The transaction was expected to close …

  1. steviebuk Silver badge

    Won't happen

    Unless the CCP get something out of it.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Won't happen

      They are getting only one thing, and it is what they crave most... Attention.

    2. Rgen

      Re: Won't happen

      They want chip tech or else no deal

  2. Andre Leblanc

    With China's economy collapsing, their propensity to steal IP, and that they are threatening war with Taiwan why would any democratic company want to deal with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)? If a Chinese company has IP that anyone wants they should take it, just as the CCP has done so many times.

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