back to article NASA to equip International Space Station with frikkin lasers (for comms)

US space agency NASA plans to run a technology demonstration for space lasers using the International Space Station next month, to test how this could be used to transmit terabytes of data back from science and exploration missions. According to NASA, this demonstration will form the agency's first bi-directional, end-to-end …

  1. Headley_Grange Silver badge

    I wonder how many potentially great NASA projects and innovations never got funding because they couldn't hack it on the acronym front.

    1. IceC0ld

      gets thinking cap on

      TITSUP may just have found it place in history :o)

      T - odays

      I - nformation

      T - erabytes

      S - ent

      U - nder

      P - hasers

      1. Inventor of the Marmite Laser Silver badge

        Last two characters fit better as "U Using, P Photons."

        1. IceC0ld

          Hmmm, you are correct

          so lets see :o)

          T - odays

          I - nformation

          T - ransmission

          S - ent

          U - using

          P - hotons

          OH YES, have to agree, we may yet see TITSUP in full view LOL

    2. Philo T Farnsworth

      Having sat in on more scientific committee and planning meetings than I care to think about, I have long since come to the conclusion that coming up with a suitable acronym for the project is the hardest part.

    3. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      There was a Crew Rescue Vehicle - Experimental for the Shuttle which allegedly got cancelled because it's acronym was too close to a lady-part for NASA's bosses

      1. Bebu Silver badge

        More imagination...

        《There was a Crew Rescue Vehicle - Experimental for the Shuttle which allegedly got cancelled because it's acronym was too close to a lady-part for NASA's bosses》

        These NASA bosses had more vivid imaginations than mine. Alas, I simply cannot get any specifically female anatomical feature from CRV or CRVES (surely not "curves.") If there were an X involved I might think cervix.

        The canned emergency crew return vehicle project's code: X-38 when rotated anticlockwise 90 degrees appears to have a more feasible reference to the more interesting lady parts.

        Critical updates for NASA telecommunication services hopefully would suffer an anacronym miscarriage at conception.

        Still during the '80s there were legions of IT man(age|gle)ment that proudly proclaimed themselves as management information science managers and were quite happy with the title MISmanager which I suppose had the merit of veracity. When I think of "management information science" it would have to be an oxymoron but cannot see where "oxy" could come into it - bugger all management, even less information and science only if think astrology is.

  2. ChoHag Silver badge

    > Why, what did you think they were for?

    For communicating with sharks?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    frikkin lasers ?

    Isn't that from the first Austin Powers film?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Aim the lasers at Marjorie Taylor Greene

    It’ll be OK, she’ll have enough tinfoil wrapped around her head.

  5. Robin

    How big?

    This optical module is described as being the size of a microwave

    So somewhere between 1mm and 30cm? Not very precise.

    1. A. Coatsworth Silver badge

      Re: How big?

      You forgot your icon, my good sir ---->

    2. Bebu Silver badge

      Re: How big?

      《 "This optical module is described as being the size of a microwave"

      So somewhere between 1mm and 30cm? Not very precise.》

      I was thinking the oven so a bit bigger than a cubesat.

      I was wondering whether there is any restriction on deploying serious military lasers on orbiting platforms apart from getting enough power(energy) to operate them? While not likely to be of any use against terrestrial targets the absence of air could make such lasers quite effective against assets that spend at least some time above stratosphere. Reagan's star wars project (SDI) might not have been quite as brain dead as he appeared.

  6. PeterM42


  7. rcxb Silver badge



    ILCRDLEOUMAT = Integrated Laser Communications Relay Demonstration Low Earth Orbit User Modem and Amplifier Terminal

    ILLUMA-T = I'LL (take) UMA Thurman

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