back to article Hunters International leaks pre-op plastic surgery pics in negotiation no-no

A newly emerged ransomware gang claims to have successfully gained access to the systems of a US plastic surgeon's clinic, leaking patients' pre-operation pictures in an attempt to hurry a ransom payment. The group, calling itself Hunters International, has claimed attacks on only two victims so far, with the first – a UK …

  1. KarMann Silver badge


    'The morally questionable tactic'? Just 'questionable'? How low is that bar these days? I mean, there's a place for subtle understatement, but that's just obfuscation at that point.

    1. EricM

      Re: Really?


      Even though journalistic standards and basic decency might prevent the author from calling these types of what they really are, exposing the most vulnerable members of society as a means of increasing pressure on the actual victims of your extortion deserves some stronger words than "questionalble".

    2. Blazde Silver badge

      Re: Really?

      It's litotes (until some grammar geek comes long and explains why it's technically something related but more obscure). I don't agree it's subtle, it's very common in El Reg articles and sections of the British press in general

      1. KarMann Silver badge

        Re: Really?

        I must admit, I know nothing of litotes myself, despite being a fairly high-level grammar geek (but not a grammar Greek, or I suspect I might recognise the word). But yeah, it does kind of have a 'tired and emotional' vibe to it.

  2. matthewdjb

    These guys have the moral compass and decency of Hamas.

  3. Ghostman

    Find these guys, extradite them to the US, particularly the deep south. There are ways to get the information out of them that folks across the pond wouldn't know about.

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