back to article Shucks Chuck, how many employees pay = one Cisco CEO?

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins' compensation swelled to $31.8 million in the company's fiscal 2023, after he steered the networking kingpin to hit performance and operational targets. The package comprised $1.39 million salary, $24.1 million in long term stock awards, $6.26 million in non-equity incentives and $78,053 for all other …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    FY2023 Net income $16 billion. So Robbins "get" of $31.8 million was 0.2 percent of that. Measuring in terms of # times average employee pay doesn't seem like a necessarily useful metric to me. I'm more inclined to ask about whether the metrics used to decide CEO pay is an effective motivator, and if so motivating towards what goals? It's well known that short sighted activist investment funds threatening hell based on next quarter results and dividends care nothing for the long term because they'll take their money and go somewhere else - often leaving the company itself and all its its employees in the lurch. Outsource, offshore, downsize, and die. But CISCO is still here, for now.

    1. Freddie

      Re: Metrics

      Really? You read that and thought "blimmin' activist investors"? I suggest a nice cup of tea and a sit down. ;)

      More seriously, any outside investment will prioritise short term profit over long term sustainability - investors are there to make money and move on, that's why they invest. They're not there for the good of the company.

  2. Paul Crawford Silver badge

    Gee, if only the spent a bit of that looking for and swiftly fixing security bugs...

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