back to article iFixit pries open Google Pixel 8 Pro with clamps and picks

Not satisfied with ripping apart the Meta Quest 3, the iFixit team has turned its clamps and picks to Google's latest and greatest: the Pixel 8 Pro. As tends to be the norm, the way into this handset is through the screen, which is securely glued in place. The iFixit team noted that the adhesive was easier to get through than …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I have a pixel 6 and would not get another Pixel phone. It's a kind-of-good phone which is marred by having some half-baked things which are constantly annoying. Archetypal Google in fact.

    1. Youngone Silver badge

      "A kind-of-good phone which is marred by having some half-baked things" describes every smartphone I ever used, including the iPhone 13 work has given me to use.

    2. Terje

      I have had a pixel 4 and 7 and after an unfortunate encounter with gravity now a 8. My opinion is the reverse to your, they are the best phones I have used, without the additional crud and bloat that most other manufacturers add on to android.

      Edit: This sounds a bit to evangelical, but they have worked very well for me.

    3. Erix

      The only reason to get a Pixel phone would be to install GrapheneOS on it

  2. Gene Cash Silver badge

    non-FDA approved temperature sensor

    Wait, what?

    So this is for external use only, then?

    1. James O'Shea

      Re: non-FDA approved temperature sensor

      Given the size of the thing, those who would use it internally must be:

      1. professionals (I'm thinking of a certain Ms. Wells; a certain Central European working in Italy who later became a MP, and who really liked horses also comes to mind...)

      2. badly in need of a diaper

      3. both

      I'll get me coat.

    2. Diogenes

      Re: non-FDA approved temperature sensor

      I would love to use the temperature sensor on it to measure its own temperature. Gets noticeably hot when watching video on youtube or reading a book on Kindle.

  3. Tron Silver badge


    No memory card slot.

    They could be selling them for £50 and I still wouldn't get one.


      Re: Non-starter.

      Good luck finding any today that are even semi-decent.

      I'm curious what your use of it is, as someone that never used nor saw the need for removable internal storage in a smartphone. Most phone storage nowadays is plenty fast and durable enough to last the life of the phone. And SD cards are just an additional cost on top of the phone purchase.

    2. This post has been deleted by its author

    3. Yankee Doodle Doofus Bronze badge

      Re: Non-starter.

      I can envision a use-case for removable storage on a high-end phone, but it involves needing to store huge amounts of data. Most high-end phones have much more storage than the average person needs, and for transferring data from the phone to another device or vice-versa, usb-c can do this fairly quickly. I'd rather have better water resistance myself. For those of you who are in the market for an expensive, high-end device, and for whom the lack of removable storage is a dealbreaker, what are you doing to need this? Long video shoots perhaps?


        Re: Non-starter.

        Video recording and frequent phone-swapping are the only reason I can think of where hot-swapping cards would give you a benefit, and the latter can easily be addressed with sync apps. I just can't see the point otherwise. I'd like to see the point, but no one has volunteered. Lots of thumbs down around here but so far not a single soul willing to explain their reasoning.

  4. abend0c4 Silver badge

    That 7-year update commitment...

    ... brought to you by Google.

  5. Johnb89

    7 years of support is it?

    Promises of long term support from Google are like pigs and wings, politician's commitments, or 'Google protects your privacy'. Google is famous for killing off products with no notice and no sensible plan, even for people that just bought.

    Ha ha ha ha! ROFL! LMFAO! All those.

    Are they escrowing things to show commitment? Putting money where their mouth is? (Maybe they are, but I haven't seen so)

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