back to article It's full of stars! Galactic atlas catalogs 400k Milky Way neighbors

If you fancy a scroll among the stars, an atlas of nearly 400,000 of our galactic neighbors has been captured in new levels of detail and accuracy and is freely accessible to anyone wanting to get a new look at strange new galaxies.  Oh, and it might be useful for scientists, too. The Siena Galaxy Atlas (SGA) consists of " …

  1. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    Imagine that you're standing...

    Kudos for the header illustration, guys!

  2. TVU Silver badge

    That is a very interesting article but while we can look out and see what other galaxies are like, such as the M31 Andromeda Galaxy and the M33 Triangulum Galaxy, we cannot yet see what our own home galaxy looks like.

    The best rendition so far of what our own barred spiral galaxy really looks like comes from photographer and artist Nick Risinger:

  3. ThatOne Silver badge

    > The atlas covers 20,000 square degrees, covering around half of the night sky.

    Next on the list: The day sky!...

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