back to article D-Link clears up 'exaggerations' around data breach

D-Link has confirmed suspicions that it was successfully targeted by cyber criminals, but is talking down the scale of the impact. On October 1, word of a data breach spread after a post on a hacking forum claimed to be selling 3 million lines of customer information as well as D-View source code for a one-time $500 fee. D- …

  1. GBE

    Why would D-Link have end-user data?

    I've bought a fair amount of D-Link kit over the years, but I can't think of any way that D-Link could have obtained any useful data about me. Does Amazon or Best Buy or whoever supply buyer data to product manufacturers?

    1. razorfishsl

      Re: Why would D-Link have end-user data?

      Phone home & direct sales as well as registration data.

  2. razorfishsl

    Only a complete Moron would use any of D-LINK'S kit.....

    And before anyone says "it's safe if not connected directly to the internet.... no.... no it is not.

    We have seen Russian malware come in via Chinese mobile phones provider networks , then attempt to bridge over to the other networks they can see,

    Thereby attempting to bypass corporate firewalls.

    1. Yorick Hunt Silver badge

      D-Link's dumb 5-port switches are fine when needing to squeeze an extra network port into a temporary office without having to run another cable to the rack, but I wouldn't trust anything "smarter" than that. Same goes for Netgear.

  3. sten2012 Bronze badge

    Well this is weird - I'm now trying to work out which I trust least, the black hats flogging the data, or a budget tier (or frankly, any) manufacturer to be honest about a breach.

    No it's a tie.

    The only thing they agree on was a breach. So my only conclusion can be - there was no breach? No. Not that either.

    Hmm. Mystery.

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