back to article Tachyum says someone will build 50 exaFLOPS super with its as-yet unfinished chips

Tachyum's first chip Prodigy hasn't even taped out - let alone gone into mass production - but one customer has, we're told, committed to buying hundreds of thousands of the processors to power a massive 50 exaFLOPS supercomputer. Usually when we see numbers like that, the obvious assumption is they're talking about AI FLOPS …

  1. elsergiovolador Silver badge


    There is this saying: "If maths don't check out, change the maths".

  2. Johannesburgel12

    It's always the same with these companies. The closer they come to a product (if ever), the more the product looks like something everybody else is doing as well. But the established companies can iterate much faster and don't make rookie mistakes. And the potential customers look at the cost of porting everything over to the new architecture, relate that with the advantages and then stay with the established manufacturers.

    Tachyum also burned a lot of trust and goodwill just through their needlessly aggressive and stupid marketing. It has gotten a bit better, but there have been times when they sent out a new press release with overly arrogant statements about their competitors every couple of days, while they had absolutely zero to show.

  3. luis river

    The history it is something repeat. exclusive feature request from a large customer...said Tachyum. Well that sound a seriously industry movement, I think. Prodigy CPU offer the tech heaven, also previous, other chip it had many fantastic promise (ITANIUM) from Santa Clara company but it nothing succeed. The history it is something repeat ??

    1. milliganp

      Google Translate needs help

      The history it is something repeat?

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