back to article Qualcomm to shed over 1,000 staff in California, plus some Brits, starting in December

Chip designer Qualcomm has revealed it intends to shed over 1,000 California-based employees, delivering on previously foreshadowed plans to address its economic woes. Qualcomm reported a near-sixty-percent profit plunge in August – largely due to a slowdown in demand for smartphones leading to lower sales of its silicon for …

  1. Mark Exclamation

    "Yet Qualcomm recently found a rumored £180 million ($220m) to sponsor British soccer team Manchester United for three years, with the Snapdragon CPU brand to be featured on team shirts." That's great market targeting; I can just see all the Man. U fans going home and saying "I really must go out and buy a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, wonder if I can get one from Currys".

    1. Lurko

      True, and even where a maker uses both Qualcomm and other CPUs in one model, the punter doesn't get a choice - like Samsung phones where the US version gets a Snapdragon, and other markets get Exynos powered devices.

      But that's marketing for you: People who shouldn't be trusted with wax crayons get given a budget of several hundred million. They know nothing about the product, nothing about the buyers, nothing about the market, but they're under pressure to run "campaigns", to splurge ever more on online adverts with metrics that they don't understand and nobody smart would believe. When there's still a huge pile of wonga, they start thinking about sponsorship, and flail around cluelessly, looking for some outfit everybody has heard of to take their money. And UK football is ALWAYS willing to take money. Maybe people like Putin, Iran, Hamas should try it.

  2. Korev Silver badge


    The sponsorship creates an interesting metaphor: Manchester United has underperformed for years, and its recent investments have not led to desired improvements in performance. Which is maybe not quite the story Qualcomm wants to associate with Snapdragon.

    Fantastic -->

  3. Lurko

    For some this may be a welcome Christmas present

    If the terms are good, and your skills are portable, then corporate downsizings are fantastic opportunities. I should know, I've been shown the door and handed a bucket of cash a number of times.

  4. Woodnag


    At the time, CEO Cristiano Amon told investors "We're taking a conservative view of the market, and we'll be proactively taking additional cost actions."

    Sorry mate, you get customer forecasts and this is reactive (and too late), not proactive.

  5. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    I bet Apple would like to hire several hundred Qualcomm engineers.

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