back to article SAP barely moving needle to migrate users off ECC before support ends

Global tech researcher Gartner has found that only 33 percent of SAP users relying on its legacy ECC ERP system have bought or subscribed to licenses to start their transition to S/4HANA. The data from Q2 2023 also showed that while a third of ECC users had failed to buy S/4HANA in any form, just a fifth were live with the …

  1. Legacy systems developer

    Advice to SAP: change route immediately!

    There is no way that loyal Oracle/Microsoft/IBM database customers will abandon it in favor of SAP HANA, which is dead in the water anyway. SAP should immediately discard S/4HANA naming and instead rename it S/4ALL AND support with an agnostic layer (mostly exists today) all popular databases, like it did before HANA launch. It can even divest its database technology and stick with business process/transformation/enterprise strategy, just like with recent acquisition of LeanIX.

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Yeah, but where would it make more money then ?

      Cloud, subscription model plus licenses, THAT makes more money.

      Service to the customer ? Don't be ridiculous. SAP is not there to serve customers, it's there to milk them.

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "move users to a subscription model of S/4HANA in the cloud"

    Just wondering : if SAP customers have a working local version and are not going to be pushed to The CloudTM, what is SAP going to do ?

    It's not going to just cut off its existing customer base, not when two-thirds say NO.

    So, what are its options (apart from the obvious) ?

    1. b0llchit Silver badge

      Re: "move users to a subscription model of S/4HANA in the cloud"

      Apart from obvious, you can ask Oracle to take over. I hear that they really would like to bankrupt a country after successfully taking over Oracleham. Better to be on the right side of the red line protection racket before they come after your count[r]y.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: "move users to a subscription model of S/4HANA in the cloud"

      For a while SAP won't do anything, customers can take extended support, then go to specialist support vendor of choice from then on. At some point, SAP will come back with attractive offers to hoover up these remaining customers.

    3. aerogems Silver badge

      Re: "move users to a subscription model of S/4HANA in the cloud"

      Think of this like using an unsupported version of Windows. It won't suddenly stop working one day, but SAP won't be releasing new updates, won't accept tickets to fix issues, and it will eventually become a greater and greater security risk. Considering this ERP holds your company's mission critical data, and you'll likely be paralyzed without it, having long ago dismantled any older processes for doing things -- assuming anyone around at the company still remembers them. Having that be the major security hazard in your critical infrastructure is only going to be tenable for so long. After all, generally speaking, if you're using SAP you've got people logging into it remotely. Even if it's via a VPN, if any one of those workstations is compromised...

      There is also still a self-hosted option for S/4, but they're definitely trying to encourage people onto their cloud services pretty hard.

      I'm sure SAP figures all they have to do is sit back and wait. It may not happen all at once, but eventually more and more CTOs will get the message that they don't really have much choice. The only other real alternative is trying to switch to something like Oracle, and just ask anyone in the Birmingham city government what that process is like. Of course at the CTO level they're largely removed from all the pain of the actual implementation/migration, it's only when the costs inevitably start shooting well past estimates that they might start to feel some pressure. Then, of course, they'll either fuck off for another company, leaving everyone holding the bag at the last place, or they'll find a way to blame someone in middle management and scapegoat them to save their own job.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Make your mind up, Gartner!

    On the basis of how the Reg has reported this (I haven't read the source report) Gartner's position on this seems completely inconsistent. So they are saying customers are migrating too slowly, but they shouldn't go faster, but they should get off before support ends, even though they aren't going to be able to....?!?! Make your mind up, Gartner! Anyway it seems like it is going to be boom years for Rimini Street with their offer to continue supporting legacy SAP code.

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