back to article Ransomware attacks register record speeds thanks to success of infosec industry

The time taken by cyber attackers between gaining an initial foothold in a victim's environment and deploying ransomware has fallen to 24 hours, according to a study. In nearly two-thirds of cases analysed by Secureworks' researchers, cybercriminals were deploying ransomware within a day, and in more than 10 percent of …

  1. t245t Silver badge

    Microsoft threat intelligence :o

    Does Microsoft bear any culpability in the malware infestation?

    1. garwhale Bronze badge

      Re: Microsoft threat intelligence :o

      Probably not, as it does not guarantee that the product is free from hackable bugs. It would be like holding a house builder liable for somebody picking the front door lock. The hackers are primarily responsible, second the people falling for social engineering, phishing or not keeping patches up to date.

  2. Grunchy Silver badge

    My system could be encrypted and locked in 60 seconds

    I run Windows VM in only a 40GB sandbox qcow virtual drive which could be completely destroyed in seconds. On the other hand, I could recover my last “snapshot” even faster than that, so who cares?

    Good luck getting to it since it runs 100% disconnected from the network.

    Good luck getting to my NAS backup device, which is literally powered off every second it isn’t tasked with backups. “Off,” as in unplugged from the wall power outlet.

    Nice try, hackerz! But think again.

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