back to article BlackBerry to split into two companies, foraging for tastier fare for shareholders

Blackberry has decided to split into two companies. The former mobile email monarch commenced a strategic review in May 2023, under the modest name "Project Imperium." At the time, CEO John Chen said the biz was "executing on a strong, well-resourced plan to deliver revenue and [annual recurring revenue] growth, as well as …

  1. tony72

    TIL Blackberry's corpse is still twitching.

    1. JamesTGrant

      A rose by any other name…

      It’s like The ship of Theseus. But instead, the boat hit the rocks, sank and some vultures lashed together a raft from whatever flopsam and jepson they could gather and reused the nameplate and hope that they can get paying passengers to climb aboard.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: A rose by any other name…

        ... hope that they can get paying passengers to climb aboard.

        Well ...

        Not going to waste money in anything from these BB AHs or with the Blackberry brand.

        They can shove it.


  2. Ian Johnston Silver badge

    Blackberry still exists? Have they thought of trying to achieve synergy with MySpace?

  3. AMBxx Silver badge

    Echoes of Novell

    When you realise you've lost, thrash around trying to find alternative reasons to exist. Retreat into obscurity.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    QNX-OS by HERE

    Could well be that the QNX-OS part of Blackberry will have the same path as Nokia - Navteq and being spun-out and co-owned by a consortium of car makers and/or players in the transport world ...

    Maybe HERE Global BV could buy them and make a complete software stack for the transport world.. It would make sense in my humble view.

    1. Mockup1974 Bronze badge

      Re: QNX-OS by HERE

      That's actually a solid idea.

    2. JimboSmith Silver badge

      Re: QNX-OS by HERE

      Coming soon Blackberry the movie

      No idea how historically accurate it is though.

      1. RobThBay

        Re: QNX-OS by HERE

        I saw the movie and wasn't impressed. It seemed to be an attempt at a childish comedy.

        The book the movie was supposedly based on is a good read.

  5. s. pam Silver badge

    Blackberry still exist?

    I thought they were put into the food disposal bin years back! Sadly they had the lead and blew it, like so many other tech companies.

  6. PenfoldUK

    I'm surprised Blackberry is still big enough to be split up...

    It's a salutory lesson in Tech.

    Anyone remember Digital Research?

  7. Gene Cash Silver badge

    Good 'ol "Lawsuits In Motion" continues to disintegrate

    Remember when El Reg called them that, and why?

    Research in Motion sued everybody for using its obvious email-onna-phone tech and in return, everybody sued it. Look at for a good example.

  8. keith_w

    I am still using BB Hub on my phone, because I prefer it to any of the other options I have tried. It's a huge C$1.29 monthly expense that I am not sure I can afford for much longer /s.

    1. dithomas

      Same here. BB Hub on most of my devices and in constant use. My chomebox and chromebooks turn up their noses at it, however. Wonder why.

  9. tracker1

    If Blackberry had created email integration apps for iOS and Android from the beginning they would likely still be relevant today. They had integration for exchange servers well ahead of everyone else at the time. They could have kept their niche as well as possibly made custom hardware for Android.

    But they wanted to beat their own path and got out offlanked.

  10. Jay Lenovo

    Who are you?

    The name of your company should be indicative of the key outcome you're selling.

    No one is aspiring to reach the level of "Blackberry", just drags along a tail of memories past.

    Forward developing products should be your moniker. No more placing flowers (like Cylance) into the casket.

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