back to article What's next for VMware? Long-term Virtzilla-watchers predict Broadcom's moves

Broadcom's takeover of VMware is on track to conclude in just over four weeks, and while the semiconductor company's CEO Hock Tan has pledged extra cash for R&D to boost Virtzilla's multicloud offerings, The Register has also heard of looming job cuts, and noted silence on whether some of VMware's products figure in Broadcom's …

  1. FordPrefect

    From past history...

    If broadcom have taken over VMWare will be irrelevant within 18 months.

  2. Mr.Nobody

    They left out the one predicition that will absolutley happen

    Regardless of all these possible out comes, the customers will get the short end of the stick.

  3. JohnSheeran

    The entire idea of "cross-cloud" business growth just doesn't make sense. The cloud is already expensive for people trying to do things the way they do them in their traditional data centers (or more expensive for everything depending on your viewpoint). VMware being used in this space is just adding more cost. Sure, you can try to use it to reduce your consumption cost in the cloud provider but even that means that you have to get a ton of efficiency in order to find any kind of value. Even if you feel more comfortable managing your compute and/or containers with VMware, the cost/benefit just doesn't seem to be there.

    1. Mr.Nobody

      We looked at using VMware at GCP for DR, and the costs to turn it on for a week of DR testing were beyond eye-watering. How it makes financial sense to run a full time vmware environment there is beyond me.

      1. baspax

        what are you smoking?

        A 3 node i3en meral cluster (3x 768 GB RAM and 140TiB usable NVMe disk space) is $5,950 for a week. If a 3 node i3 metal is enough for you, it’s $3,000 for a week.

        This includes all software licenses, incl NSX.

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