back to article openSUSE offers Slowroll distro for those scared by the speed of Tumbleweed

The openSUSE project is undergoing changes that, to us at least, indicate a multiplicity of future directions for the code base. Several openSUSE projects have been updated in fact as the Linux distribution's maker and its user and contributor community figures out where it might head in a more container-oriented future. One …

  1. David 132 Silver badge


    > was an independent project called gummiboot, which is German for rubber dinghy. It is an alternative to the GRUB bootloader...

    And presumably, with the name it's been given... a more sophisticated alternative to LILO.

    A pint to the author for the nominative creativity!

    1. Liam Proven (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: Gummiboot

      [Author here]

      > And presumably, with the name it's been given... a more sophisticated alternative to LILO.


      How did I not spot that?! :-D

      1. David 132 Silver badge

        Re: Gummiboot

        German humour, Liam. You weren’t expecting it.

  2. keithpeter Silver badge

    Manjaro and Arch?

    Quote from OA

    "packages will automatically make their way from Tumbleweed into Slowroll only after they have proved to be stable – meaning that there have been no code changes for an interval, and nobody has opened any bugs or issues since the last change."

    Sounds a bit like Manjaro being (or used to be) 'Arch with a profanity delay'. I think Manjaro has a time based quarantine period though. One wonders what happens about packages that are held due to bugs over time - the consistency requirement will become harder to satisfy surely?

    1. Liam Proven (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: Manjaro and Arch?

      [Author here]

      > Sounds a bit like Manjaro

      No, not really. The core difference is that Manjaro has a release cycle. There are major and point releases, which loses the whole point of a rolling-release distro: you never have to install a new version. Fit and forget.

      FWIW, I reviewed Manjaro:

      I was not _at all_ impressed. TBH I thought it was pretty terrible.

      1. keithpeter Silver badge

        Re: Manjaro and Arch?

        OK, things changed since (gasp) 9 years ago when I tried it.

        Icon: old man here

  3. Frogger

    Slowroll is NO way related to TW. Try to install packages from OBS, will be rell mess in few days, it may survive flatpacks btw.

  4. thomasvenables

    What about openELA

    Slowroll definitely appeals to me. Tumbleweed is a little to high risk for a work machine (for me). I know I can roll back, but that's time lost and deadlines missed.

    What I don't understand with all of SUSE/openSUSE distro options is where openELA / Redhat clone will fit into the cycle.

    Wouldn't openELA be a more obvious migration path for leap users rather than a rolling release distribution?

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