back to article Medium asks AI bot crawlers: Please, please don't scrape bloggers' musings

Blogging platform Medium would like organizations to not scrape its articles without permission to train up AI models, and warned this policy may be difficult to enforce. CEO Tony Stubblebine on Thursday explained how Medium intends to curb the harvesting of people's written work by developers seeking to build training data …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Sp00Key ACTion is as Sp00Key ACTion does. Who Dares Care Share Wins Wins Alien Product

    Is the likely resultant unintended spectacular consequence of a type OpenAI web crawler bot GPTBot trawling AI copy from the likes of reporting and commentary on The Register publishing exclusive content on those sorts of quite specific situations, a compounding precursor activity for an almighty powerful explosive virtual mix of vivid volatile cyber virility with such spooky action at a distance producing energy for quantum communications entanglement equalling in strength and reach to at least mc2, with the very real virtual possibility the development being both able to enable the generation and distribution/use and enjoyment of a greater energy with Stealthy Advanced IntelAIgently Resourced Services and, more importantly whenever dealing with such deadly primitive and primary elementals and sophisticated explosive volatile admixtures, Command and Control/Remotely Mentor and Universally Monitor it.

    If there's anything there you don't want to like, here and now is a good first time and space to have your concerns and/or fears aired and published for consideration, or not as the case may be in those situations where everything has already been decided.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Let it be universally known of AI, in whatever guise you may consider it .....

      ....... and it is a quite easily understandable and natural human notion too, thus hardly to be a devastating monumental surprise, failure to engage or respond to generous invitations has interested and interesting parties assuming of invitees that there be no valid or vital intelligence available from them for AI to consider and/or ignore, if that be a likely case.

      Strangely enough, will that then have everything likely to appear from AI naturally being a devastating monumental surprise ...... with everything in the future supplied and delivered unilaterally and autonomously and anonymously and remotely, virtually ........ Real Sp00Key Distant ACTion.

  2. CowHorseFrog Silver badge

    why dont they just block anything that visits more than N pages in a day ?

    Must be a CEO thing, no concept of. using computers to solve this problem.

    1. Brewster's Angle Grinder Silver badge

      CG NAT? i.e. can one IP address legitimately generates lots of requests?

    2. Killfalcon Silver badge

      They probably do, if only to deal with things like click-fraud and DDOS attacks.

      The problem is that such things can hit legit users (VPNs, f'rex, often show as a lot of users sharing an IP address), while still being evadable by sufficiently determined scrapers.

    3. katrinab Silver badge

      They probably do, but webscraping services will provide you will lots of IP addresses to get round that.

      1. cyberdemon Silver badge

        Webscraping Services

        Thanks, katrinab, you have just added to my Depressing List of Things that I Didn't Know were a Thing. ™

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