back to article Chinese snoops stole 60K State Department emails in that Microsoft email heist

Chinese snoops stole about 60,000 State Department emails when they broke into Microsoft-hosted Outlook and Exchange Online accounts belonging to US government officials over the summer. "No classified systems were hacked," said State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller during a press briefing Thursday. "These only related …

  1. sitta_europea Silver badge

    Isn't it about time we started to value competence?

    1. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

      If only there were some to be found.

      The state of the software industry as a whole is dreadful. Yes, there were a number of glaring errors on Microsoft's part in this case; yes, we can certainly question the decision to use Microsoft's stack. But it's not like there's some alternative which we can hold up as an exemplar of rigorous attention to security. Even the OpenBSD team have made some rather questionable decisions.

      1. druck Silver badge

        A good solution is not to rely on anyone's software stack to protect key information, critical keys should never be used outside of a Hardware Security Module.

        It's not just Microsoft's internal data which has been exposed in crash dumps, Azure VMs falling over have revealed other clients data in logs.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The state department could have used an encrypted mail app on top of whatever MS provided.

    For high level diplomats that would make a lot of sense.

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