back to article LG has its own folding PC now, but good luck getting your hands on one

LG has become the latest hardware maker to try taking foldable screens beyond the smartphone space and into a laptop computer. But don't get too excited, folding gadget fans, this one looks like it won't be widely sold. The South Korean tech chaebol announced the LG Gram Fold over the weekend, sharing details of a 17-inch OLED …

  1. 45RPM Silver badge

    So what does that feel like to type on? Not so much of a laptop - more an especially fragile tablet it seems.

    1. TVU Silver badge

      "more an especially fragile tablet it seems"

      I expect that we shall see the same as what what happens with the Samsung Galaxy flip phones with heavy use over time when they can develop a huge ugly white crack across the fold line. Personally, I think it would be better to go for a larger tablet than go for a folding one which is more to end in tears.

  2. Flak

    Surely this is just a fad

    Like 3D TVs and curved screens.

    Form over function is typically not a good thing in the long run and functionality and sturdiness will win out in device designs, rather than doing something 'just because you can'.

    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Re: Surely this is just a fad

      I don't think the comparison with 3D TVs is at all valid, not least because this is really a step change in production, whereas 3D TV screens were essentially the same as before. The phones selling very well in South Korea and the users are very happy with them. As the technology becomes more mature I can imagine it feeding into other less premium products. Then we can all wait for Apple to invent it! :-)

  3. Is there anybody out there?

    Where's my Courier?

    I'm still waiting for MS to resurrect the Courier. The very buggy iPad app gave a glimpse of its promise before it was put out of its misery

  4. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    Looking at the promo photo...

    ...of that person reading like a book, I wonder if it;s actually light enough to hold like and and whether the screen, especially at the fold, can cope with the thumb pressure without causing damage. I do like the idea of flexible screen, both the existing foldable ones and possible future roll-up ones, but I'll be waiting until others have confirmed the tech has evolved enough to be more robust that currently and the prices are a lot more reasonable :-)

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