back to article Facing a 30% price rise to park servers in a colo? Blame AI

The rapid adoption of artificial intelligence, particularly by cloud providers, has strained datacenter capacity and led to increased hosting prices, according to a report from property services and investment management company JLL. The firm’s North American Datacenter Report released on Sunday, asserts that a shortage of …

  1. Sparkus

    The rise in colo and cloud prices

    are going to change the OpEx and CapEx calculations for company-owned data centers................

  2. Nate Amsden

    250kW in one rack

    Hard for me to imagine at least, maybe the upshot is most facilities won't have much (if any) capacity for this super dense 20kW/cabinet+ so customers will be forced into super premium portions of facilities, and have less impact on the "rest of us" in the 10kW and less space(and not needing more anytime soon).

    I read somewhere recently, maybe here, that the big AI stuff really needs super dense racks for the proximity of the network connections for latency and stuff, so with that in mind it seems less likely that a AI customer would be willing to have say 1 or 2 servers per rack spread across a dozen or more racks for power/cooling purposes.

  3. abend0c4

    Often requiring thousands of GPUs

    It really is Crypto V2, isn't it?

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