back to article TransUnion reckons big dump of stolen customer data came from someone else

Days after a miscreant boasted leaking a 3GB-plus database from TransUnion containing financial information on 58,505 people, the credit-checking agency has claimed the info was actually swiped from a third party. On Sunday, a thief using the handle USDoD shared via a cyber-crime forum what was claimed to be a TransUnion …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yeah, we all know that reformatting data is too hard for script kiddies...

    1. Mike007 Bronze badge

      But their SQL server outputs in a different font, so it can't be them.

  2. ChoHag Silver badge

    "Don't worry. Your highly sensitive information wasn't stolen from us, it was stolen from the people we gave it to indiscriminately."

    This is somehow better?

    > Data protection is top priority at TransUnion.

    Such a high priority that we ensure there's no way even our closest partners can ... wait no that's not right...

    Such a high priority that we insist all our partners who access it are also ... hmmm still not quite there.

    Such a high priority that we use a third party datarapist to keep our own hands clean. See us use them now as a PR shield to mask our complete disdain for you all. Ignore the dead bodies.

    Yes that's more like it.

    > We take seriously any assertions regarding our information security

    I can't do this one justice. This is beyond Iraq Foreign Minister levels of self delusion.

  3. TheBruce

    Its All Smoke and Mirrors

    They all claim we follow the best practices. Yet.we keep seeing data being stolen. I was a member of Infragard that requires me to provide a screen capture and copy of government ID to a third party that follow best practices. Not falling for that shit, again.

  4. AbeSapian

    Credit Locked Since 2017

    Ever since Equifax dumped all my information on the dark web I've kept my credit locked. After that, all the other breaches have pretty much become redundant.

  5. HammerOn1024

    Yeah... No.

    "Data protection is top priority at TransUnion."

    No it's not. Your top priority is protecting your cash flow. If that includes Cyber Security to keep the dollars flowing, so be it. We'll do the absolute minimum.

    There TransUnion, I fixed it for you.

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