back to article Toshiba succeeds at selling itself, delisting set for September 27

Troubled Japanese tech concern Toshiba has announced [PDF] the completion of a tender offer that will see it move into private ownership. The offer concluded on September 20, and the company has set September 27 as the date on which TBJH Inc – an entity created by Japan Industrial Partners, Inc specifically to acquire Toshiba …

  1. darklord

    Oh they are still around then

    I didnt even know Tosh are still around!!!

    Ello Tosh Got a Toshiba !

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: Oh they are still around then

      "Ello Tosh Got a Toshiba !"

      Funnily enough, yes, I have. An ancient Tecra M11, still going strong. Annoyingly the S and Ctrl keys recently failed, but I bought a "spares or repair" one for a few quid and swapped out the perfectly good keyboard from that one. Unlike many modern laptops, it's quite easy to pull apart and replace bits, the keyboard being a 5 minute job.

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