back to article VMware staff reportedly told job cuts may start before Broadcom acquisition

VMware last week held a staff meeting at which it reportedly foreshadowed job cuts – perhaps before its acquisition by Broadcom closes in late October. The Register has confirmed that the meeting took place last week and that it was a regular quarterly company update that featured a Q&A session with staff. Accounts of the …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    They don't even pretend any more

    Once upon a time, in the halcyon days of yore, a merger would be followed by a transition period of at least several months, period during which everyone pretended that they were all being integrated into the new happy family. Only after that would layoffs be presented to the employees by tearful managers regretting that they had not found their place in the new team.

    Crocodile tears, to be sure, but the play respected the script.

    Today, apparently, time is money more than ever before, and we're talking layoffs before the merger has even happened. Okay, it's a surprise for no one because we've seen this play a million times, but does a smidgen of decency really cost that much ?

    Oh, silly me, it costs, so it has to go.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: They don't even pretend any more

      I gotta say, I prefer what they are doing here ( and the story is accurate). No one is a child here, and by being up front it gives people a change to prepare.

      Crocodile tears aren't worth shit. Also, it's an important reminder to everyone, about how much they are "valued" by their employer. Eyes wide open on this one.

  2. Bebu Silver badge

    "Comments on The Layoff are anoymous"

    annoyed and anonymous? ;)

    I can imagine morale at most large tech (and other) companies is now at a historic low.

  3. TVU Silver badge

    Sadly, corporate regulators allowed this merger, and the upcoming layoffs are now the inevitable result.

    Such large redundancies never result in better service or a better product (although they might deliver higher prices to the customer).

  4. Randall Shimizu

    VMware has a lot of changes they need make. Vmware needs show IT that their products/solutions are still relevant. Simplifying licensing & make their prices more reasonable. High licensing costs is the number one complaint I hear often..

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