back to article Venture capital firm makes 'unsolicited' bid for MariaDB buyout

Venture capital firm Runa Capital has made a bid for MariaDB, the database company which endured a disappointing IPO last year and is still in discussions for additional funding. The database-as-a-service biz, which counts Nokia, Samsung and ServiceNow among its customers, received an "unsolicited non-binding indicative …

  1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    Is this going to mean another fork?

    1. tracker1

      That was literally my first thought. All said, I prefer PostgreSQL.

  2. trevorde Silver badge

    It's really Oracle, isn't it?

  3. Missing Semicolon Silver badge
    Thumb Down


    Basically, the management screwed up by forgetting that they are no longer VC funded. So the infinite money machine is no longer there.

    Having seen the revenue of $13m, they should have spent $13m.

    PI "purchase"? Nickel-and-dime to death.

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