back to article SK hynix vice-chair denies selling to Huawei, calls for memory probe

SK hynix Vice Chairman Park Jung-ho has denied doing business with Huawei and called for further investigation of the memory in the Chinese tech champion's controversial Huawei Mate 60 Pro smartphone. Huawei unveiled the handset on August 29, and it quickly turned heads – for all the wrong reasons. It contains a CPU thought to …

  1. Colin Bull 1

    15 years?

    How can anyone envisage what the IT world will look like in 15 years is beyond me. The only logical reason for this is so the salesman can get his commission for the 15 year term now.

  2. spold Silver badge

    Oh my giddy aunt

    Huawei was selling 5G stuff to the west (and Africa) before all this stuff happened. Anyway, nothing like a good memory probing (I believe they experimented with this on a few politicians but didn't find anything... to probe), maybe they will probe other bits as well.

    p.s. no gratuitous downvotes just for mentioning China or Huawei please - after all the article started it.

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