back to article Despite the hype, generative AI is not a significant chunk of enterprise cloud spend

Generative AI currently only makes up a small fraction of cloud computing costs for enterprises and cloud providers, despite all the hype. The technology has been around for a while now, but didn't take off until OpenAI released its viral text-generating app ChatGPT last November. Suddenly large language models entered …

  1. Rich 2 Silver badge

    No surprise there then

    It seems that most businesses are busy sending around memos detailing how their staff shouldn’t be using “generative AI” at all.

    Which I think is the sensible approach.

    Generative AI seems to be just one step away from Blockchain or Crypto or NFT in terms of hype and lack of a useful application (at least one that won’t get you sued for using someone else’s real work).

  2. MyffyW Silver badge

    Given half an eye to early retirement I am curious as to what my own knowledge of AI (both what it is and what it isn't) could fetch as a "consultant" to those that know no better. 'Tis a great pity I'm too embuggered with a conscience.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Those with the budget have done quick pilots, got assinine answers mixed in with some good ones, assesed their risk tolerance and pulled the plug but are keeping an eye on it. No real company can afford junk answers. As a thought experiment, let's say a company tomorrow starts using nothing but LLM tech to run its entire business. emails, spreadsheets, HR, customer service, product development and management, engineering, sales training, name it. It would be absolute chaos in a short period of time.

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