back to article Automating cloud infrastructure: Do you want APIs with that?

Cloud software automation generally begins with scripts, but at some point, according to Oren Teich, chief product officer of Upbound, that approach becomes unmanageable. "Where it doesn't work is as things start to scale up," Teich told The Register in an interview, "whether that's scaling because you have a bunch of …

  1. Steve Button Silver badge


    This reads like an advertisement.

    See what comes out for the rest of the week. I dread to think about the effort required to move away from Terraform to be honest. All those libraries, providers and custom code. Shudder.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    We provide APIs for Kubernetes

    ...because Kubernetes doesn't have enough of its own already.

    APIs are pixie dust. As long as your system has an API, obviously it can talk to any other system that has an API. It all works just magically.

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