back to article Alibaba CEO, chair and head of breakway cloud biz quits suddenly ahead of IPO

Alibaba boss Daniel Zhang has abruptly exited the megacorp and world’s fourth largest infrastructure service provider months before he was due to head the breakway cloud division into an IPO. In June, the exec announced he was standing down from his roles as group CEO and chairman at the Chinese giant to focus on running the …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    New Virgin Fields require Novel Virgin Seeds for Noble Virgin Feeds

    Li Chengdong, head of Beijing-based think tank Haitian, told Reuters that Zhang's departure appeared to be a personal decision, and highlighted growing competition from state-owned telecom companies and Huawei.

    And such is definitely not the same as Alibaba's Cloud and Intelligence Group businesses encountering growing competition in state-owned companies from Huawei and thus them requiring another and/or other forms of novel prime leadership.

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