back to article Out with Tech Services 3 and in with Tech Services 4 – UK govt's £12B shopping spree

The UK government has begun laying the groundwork for new technology buying arrangements which could become the vehicle for up to £12 billion ($15.12 billion) in spending. The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has invited suppliers to talks to determine how to shape the procurement. It intends to negotiate a new framework deal …

  1. Korev Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Among the changes include a "debarment register," which is set to list suppliers who have previously under-performed.

    If this actually happens then it'll be great news.

    1. Howard Sway Silver badge

      If this actually happens then they'll have no existing suppliers left.

      A debarment register for ministers who have previously underperformed would be useful too. But again, there'd be no existing ministers left.

  2. m4r35n357 Silver badge

    South Park

    . . . and it's gone!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And, how much will Crapita make from it?

    They're always nose-to-trough hooving up the dosh from then later being fired after trousering it!

    You know it makes sense!

  4. Trigonoceps occipitalis

    Usual Suspects

    I don't think it is beyond the wit of El Reg readers to make out a list of many of the "winners" of the tender. Has any member of the great comentariat out there anything good to say about these usual suspects. There must be some successes (other than making loads of undeserved profit) if they keep winning?

    Serious question. It is quite depressing.

  5. Tron Silver badge

    Top notch chaps.

    quote: simpler, quicker, more transparent, and less bureaucratic.

    Excuse me whilst I piss myself laughing.

    quote: to list suppliers who have previously under-performed.

    Just copy and paste the entire list.

    quote: keeping more public money within the nation's borders.

    With Fujitsu (UK), Samsung (UK), Sony (UK), Google (UK), Microsoft (UK), Oracle (UK). etc.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Top notch chaps.

      If only they put as much effort into what they are procuring as they did into the procurement framework Government IT would deliver better.

      Feels like the architect of this previously was in charge of buying boxes of frozen chips (fries).

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