back to article Demand for datacenter capacity in Europe sees busiest Q2 ever

The global economy might be suffering from inflation and low growth, but that hasn't stopped the first half of 2023 from being the busiest on record for datacenter takeup in Europe, according to new research. A report [PDF] from commercial real estate outfit JLL claims there was record demand for datacenter capacity during the …

  1. Flak

    Build your bit barns in Scotland

    Plenty of space, renewable energy, cool climate and good connectivity make Scotland a good choice - perhaps easier than trying to squeeze another one into large cities...

    ... and please build them with the waste heat being put to good use (e.g. district heating for local housing).

    Other locations are available... :-)

    (disclaimer - I have no financial or other interest in any data centre provider)

    1. Korev Silver badge

      Re: Build your bit barns in Scotland

      And good security because of all the Lochs...

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