back to article Good news for Key Group ransomware victims: Free decryptor out now

Even ransomware operators make mistakes, and in the case of ransomware gang the Key Group, a cryptographic error allowed a team of security researchers to develop and release a decryption tool to restore scrambled files. The decryptor only works on a specific version of the ransomware built around August 3, according to threat …

  1. ChoHag Silver badge


    You already have a free "decryptor" in the form of your backup tapes.


    1. Anonymous Anti-ANC South African Coward Bronze badge

      Unless some nasty payload (logic bomb etc) have slipped into your backups, you should be good...

  2. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    Explaining the mistake was not a good idea. Just say the decryptor is available and hope that ignorance leads them to keep making the same mistake.

    1. the reluctant commentard

      As the decryptor only works for a specific version, it may be that the operators already realised and fixed their mistake in later versions. So you wouldn't be telling them anything they didn't know already.

      To the author: The company is called EclecticIQ, not ElectricIQ. I can just imagine the wailing of their marketing people having gotten their blog on the front page of TheRegister only to find their name misspelt.

  3. Diogenes8080


    " ...they've also seen Key Group use a private Telegram channel for selling and sharing SIM cards, doxing data, and remote access to IP camera servers."

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