back to article HP blames discounted PCs and China chill for Q3 revenue drop

HP is putting a brave face on its third quarter 2023 results, claiming it's making progress to long-term growth priorities while enacting structural cost savings, despite revenue being down nearly 10 percent year-on-year. The PC and printer maker blamed an "aggressive pricing environment" holding down computing prices, as well …

  1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    Is it too much to hope that printer sales are suffering because the public is finally starting to realise what HP Ink are getting up to?

  2. aerogems Silver badge

    Funny how "we sell shitty products and try to gouge our customers at every opportunity" never seems to make the list on these calls, but if you go out and conduct a random survey of 1,000 HP customers, I bet that would be the #1 option people pick.

  3. Robert Moore

    HP doomed themselves

    When my better half wanted to upgrade the (Crap) wifi in her HP laptop, and we found out that you couldn't replace the internal card with any card no approved by HP. If you tried the laptop would just halt at a screen telling you your wifi card wasn't approved. With no option to continue. We had no choice but to put the original WiFi card back in. I tried another HP laptop and got the same result. Looked online, and discovered this is very common to a lot of HP laptops.

    She replaced her laptop a few months later.

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