back to article Google throws down gauntlet with first compute instances powered by AmpereOne chips

Google looks set to become the first cloud provider to offer virtual machine instances powered by Ampere's 192-core AmpereOne datacenter chip, which Ampere is now pitching as a solution for AI inferencing workloads. Ampere launched its latest Arm-based datacenter processor back in May, and since then various cloud providers …

  1. Gerardv2

    Workloads targeted .... " Cloud-native workloads that will be well suited for Google's C3A instances are said to include containerized microservices, web serving, high-performance databases, media transcoding, large-scale Java applications, cloud gaming, and high-performance computing (HPC)." Really? Is there any workload left? The proverbial kitchen sink! Some of these workloads have totally different requirements, for instance, DB versus HPC.

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