back to article Microsoft whips out probe after Windows 11 users suffer the blue-screen blues

Microsoft is investigating reports of dreaded blue screens of death from users who installed a recent Windows 11 update. Some folks suggest it's a particular problem for machines equipped with Intel chips and MSI motherboards. The issue is linked to Windows 11's KB5029351 update released this week. While largely a set of …

  1. Nimrod86

    Possibly this is an Intel issue, because my AMD (B650M Mortar) machine had no issue with the update.

    1. Steve Jackson

      Horse crossing.

  2. captain veg Silver badge

    undirected rambling

    I just installed VirtualBox 7 and now my main Windows 10 instance won't start, instead just sitting there bleating "Preparing Automatic Repair".

    I also have VMs containing Android, Haiku and a different Windows 10 installation. They all work just fine.



    1. The Oncoming Scorn Silver badge

      Re: undirected rambling

      "Preparing Automatic Dis-Repair"

      FTFY - Have a beer (or several) while you wait for it's inevitable failure.

      1. captain veg Silver badge

        Re: undirected rambling

        You are, of course, correct.

        On the off chance that someone else might find themselves in same predicament, and that a particularly clueless search engine had brought them here, I had better state that the problem was down to a change in VirtualBox. If you created the VM more than a certain amount of time ago (sorry, dunno how much) then the setting for the VM's "Paravirtualization Interface" parameter in System -> Acceleration has now to be "Legacy" rather than "Default".


  3. ecofeco Silver badge

    As much I love to bash MS

    Love me some MS bashing all day long, but this looks like a mfg BIOS issue.

    Mfg bollocks IS still a thing these days.

  4. bombastic bob Silver badge

    bleeding edge updates are highly overrated

    what it says in the title

    (is why I like 'stable' branches, and manual-only updates)

  5. gosand

    Probably not related...

    Just spent 2 days with my daugher at university (via phone) because her laptop froze during an update (Win11) and then refused to boot. I walked her through doing image restores, etc. She finally took it to a local shop. I talked to the tech, and he said he has seen a lot of issues this week which was the first week of classes. He said the OS was corrupted and it's getting a re-install now. It's not an Intel (Ryzen 7) and probably isnt related to this story. She had been using the laptop over the past couple of months at home, so I am sure it's just some wild random coincidence. smh

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