back to article Arm execs to cash in on IPO, but clouds gather over prospects

While there are doubts over how much cash Arm will attract for its public offering, execs at the Brit chip designer stand to benefit dramatically once the sale goes through. According to The Times newspaper, executives at the Cambridge-based outfit are set to pocket tens of millions of dollars in bonuses from its IPO in New …

  1. pimppetgaeghsr Bronze badge

    Golden parachutes for the slick salesmen at the top. Worthless paper and negative log trajectory for everyone at the bottom locked up and unable to sell for 6+ months. It is still no wonder what talent actually left in the company is still applying for jobs, in this market I think most of them have missed the boat as hiring freezes and layoffs have taken the industry by storm. I feel sorry for all those junior colleagues that joined during the pandemic boom and are now stuck in a company with little experienced folks left and fending for themselves.

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