back to article North Korea's neighbors issue warnings ahead of attempted 'satellite' launch

North Korea intends to launch another "satellite" in coming days, and its neighbors – and the world – are worried. News of the launch was shared with the government of Japan, where the office of prime minister Fumio Kishida issued a statement – translated into English – titled "Instructions by the Prime Minister in Response to …

  1. Potemkine! Silver badge

    There is also a huge probability that Russia directly helps NK to build a ballistic missile. NK's last missile, the Hwasong-18 uses solid fuel instead of liquid one. This missile is very close in performance and dimension to the Russian SS-27 (Topol-M). Hwasong-18 tests were always successful, which is hard to believe for a new technology, unless its design was already a proven one.

    More details here

  2. fg_swe Bronze badge

    Anglo Myopics

    NK is and has always been an ally of Russia and China. NK would not exist, had these other two nations not supported them with weapons and soldiers/airmen.

    Whenever America threatens NK, Russia will have some Tu95s with ALCMs in the air, in order to communicate this message.

    NK still uses Stalinist security practices, but surely they do lots of business with Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela and whoever is not BFF with America. Recently, NK shipped ammo to the Russians, as they had exhausted their stockpile.

    So what we can see is a Second Power Block from Pyongyang to Moscow to Havanna to Caracas to Theran to Beijing.

    If we can go along with them without kinetic action, so be it.

    1. Casca Bronze badge

      Re: Anglo Myopics

      You are free to move there, a bit harder the other way around.

      1. fg_swe Bronze badge

        Re: Anglo Myopics

        I never said this is a paradise. I just described reality. Painting NK as an isolated entity is simply wrong. They are part of PowerBlock #2.

        Lots of people seem to suffer from Alzheimers when it comes to such things. Or they never bothered to read up anything on the Korean War.

        1. doublelayer Silver badge

          Re: Anglo Myopics

          Of course they are part of it, but that doesn't stop them being isolated. A lot more stuff passes over the border between Russia and China than passes across either North Korean border, even though they do have imports and exports. Outside that block, there are ships from China going everywhere in the world nearly always, and ships from Russia did the same until recent sanctions, and even with those, there is still much more traffic from Russia to the rest of the world than there is from North Korea. North Korea's isolation isn't about having no friends, but about not interacting very much with anyone, friends or otherwise.

  3. Marcelo Rodrigues

    Fat chance

    Thar North Korea will stop this. Makes no sense whatsoever.

    After spending all this money and resources, they will say "Well, yes, You are right: I will give up on my independence from another country to launch things up there. How much do You want to launch my stuff?"

    Yeah. Right. If You believe this, I have a bridge to sell You: it's a steal, going over the Mariana trenches! You will make a fortune in no time, I swear!

  4. Ian Johnston Silver badge

    A launcher capable of reaching orbit could likely be repurposed as a long-range missile.

    And vice versa. Sputnik was launched by a slightly modified R7 ICBM.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

  5. Wellyboot Silver badge

    'Unplanned' splashdown

    I'm swayed towards the opinion that they're fine tuning the targeting. It wouldn't surprise me that this next launch goes 'wrong' and there's a friendly spy sat directly over the splashdown area to nail down the exact location.

  6. Tron Silver badge

    Political theatre.

    Good news for Kishida. The Japanese PM's ratings have been awful for some time. There is no viable opposition to the LDP, but other ministers are visiting Yasukuni Shrine - indicating that they are suitable should a replacement be needed. This helps Kishida rattle a sabre and look good. NK will no doubt be imperilling a bit of the ocean with one of their giant unguidable fireworks at some point.

    Mind you, they have been flogging shiny to Putin. Maybe they got a Russian missile in return. Coat of paint and it could be the next great leap forward for glorious leader. Unless it misfires and dents a bit of China. That would be awkward.

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