back to article Get a $25 gift card if you help the US check whether these facial logins really work

The US government hopes to add face-based logins to .gov websites – though first it wants to check whether this technology is as biased or unreliable as experts warn.  The General Services Administration (GSA), the US government's procurement arm, last week announced the launch of a program to carry out that experimentation. …

  1. Sora2566 Bronze badge

    "Oh yeah, I'm sure actively helping the government implement facial recognition of all of its citizens will lead to only good things"

    - nobody ever

    I'd suggest some kind of WebAuthn alternative, but you can pass those from person to person, so no dice if you want to be sure the person before the keyboard *is* the relevant person. Mind, we have that problem with passwords now, and the world had not collapsed...

  2. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    It sounds like a good use for deepfake images.

    LLM shall speak unto LLM.

    1. ecofeco Silver badge

      I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

      Or at least buy you a beer. Elegant solutions to stupid problems are so rare these days.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Biased input?

    Ignoring the whole issue of whether face ID is good or bad, this study is likely to attract people who don't have technical problems with face recognition. It is a *huge* problem for the validity of the study if it doesn't draw in a representative sample of people for whom face ID is unreliable.

  4. ChrisElvidge Bronze badge


    The objectors seem to conflate two views of facial recognition.

    One is "Can face be used as ID?" I.e. Can the software say that my face can be recognised as "true" and all others as "false".

    The other is "Can the software pick out my face from a myriad of faces on the street?"

    The second is provably biased. The first probably not biased - c.f. apple 'phones.

  5. Alumoi Silver badge

    So, $25

    is how much the US thinks your biometrics worth. Not cash, mind you, just a coupon, so real value ZERO.

    Unfortunately there are a lot of people who will fall for this.

    1. spold Silver badge

      Re: So, $25

      ...apparently that is the new price of privacy for some

  6. This is my handle

    Reminds me of password strength checkers

    I had written a password generator and wanted to run the output thru a script that would objectively check the results for strength. Maybe some python, node, whatever. (I figured inspecting the source would help me up my own game on the password generation side as well.) All I found were websites, which at no charge, would tell me if my passwords were strong enough. Lots of them. The ones I did a View Source on were pretty opaque. P.T. Barnum was an optimist, I'm afraid.

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