back to article G20 digital ministers sign up for Digital Public Infrastructure push

The G20 bloc's ministers responsible for the digital economy met in India on Saturday and proposed something interesting: a Framework for Systems of Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI). The Framework comprises three elements: Technology in the form of interoperable and reusable digital systems and applications (e.g., …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "The Framework comprises three elements..."

    Well, well, well......Why am I not surprised that the fourth element is missing? Let me write it here:

    - The "Framework" will apply to all government and government security organisations including police services -- no exceptions.

    ........but of course I'm dreaming, am I not!!!!

    Bootnote: A quote from Bruce Willis in "The Fifth Element": "Does anyone else want to negotiate?"

  2. Colin Bull 1

    India leading th way in trust ?

    If this leads to a way of verifying spam calls that 99% come with an Indian accent I would welcome it tomorrow.

    The TPS treats any complaints with the same boilerplate message "Despite our best efforts, TPS has not been able to ascertain valid contact and/or address details to raise this particular complaint"., Even if you have a voice recording. Even if you have an email from the company with DKIM and SPF headers verified by Google. Even if you give them full company details.

  3. xyz Silver badge

    A computer?

    Isn't that what the gells use for typing?

    Yeah, by the time, they come up with a "framework", it'll be out of date.

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