back to article Add 'writing malware' to the list of things generative AI is not very good at doing

Despite the hype around criminals using ChatGPT and various other large language models to ease the chore of writing malware, it seems this generative AI technology isn't terribly good at helping with that kind of work. That's our view having seen research this week that indicates while some crooks are interested in using …

  1. mpi Silver badge

    No? Really? I am shocked.

    So the thing that, despite quite a few C-Levels and Consultants telling everyone, couldn't replace programmers, because surprise, writing code is not their primary task, and programming non-trivial stuff requires understanding and not parroting, no matter how good the statistics behind the parrot are ... couldn't write good malware?

    I am shocked.

    But no worries, I am sure next time the AI doomsaying on social media will get it right. And if they don't, there is always a next time for them to be wrong.

    1. Roland6 Silver badge

      Re: No? Really? I am shocked.

      This (understandable and logical) failure of AI to actually deliver anything of value, does puts a whole new perspective on statements like "How AI Will DISRUPT The Entire World In 3 Years (Prepare Now While Others Panic)".

      It looks like the disruption won't be because AI is actually delivering good results, it is because it is delivering rubbish, yet because companies will have invested $Bn's in AI they won't be wanting to admit their mistake...

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