back to article DARPA wants interoperability standard for Moon living

In DARPA's view, if we're going to live on the Moon, we need to rethink our technological paradigm. The research agency has thus launched its latest project to develop "an optimized and integrated lunar infrastructure" – for peaceful purposes, of course. The 10-Year Lunar Architecture, or LunA-10 project, is seeking ideas to …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    To Whom IT and AI May Be Of Alien Concern

    DARPA said it sees LunA-10 as a way to "galvanize the setup of a future civil lunar framework" now before disparate technological interests end up putting lunar explorers in the same position we're currently in, where "each lunar lander or activity must organically support all required resources."

    So, fundamentally in essence and utility, what do you think, Brandon? Would that be akin to the cloning/an improved reverse engineering of the present day 0day crazies' psychotic and pathological networking infrastructure in mad rad command and bad fab control of the open active and addictive and attractive asylum systems and inhabitants on Earth being made to work equally effectively for leadership on an alien space base with a Live Operational Virtual Environment Vibe?

    The Register and Situation Publishing can easily provide the likes of a DARPA with that cakewalk in the park on the dark side of strife. It is not as if all available free evidence generously posted and graciously hosted doesn't certainly indicate an AIMastery of every necessary phorm with required virile abilities and vital facility in virtual utilities.

    There's even the very distinct real possibility that an AI Test Lab fabricated down on Earth evaluating and deploying alien space base methodologies would be able to effect, infect, coerce and correct critically corrupt and perverse pervasive subversion in current running TerraFormations.

    And should anyone want to submit that proposal for project abstraction as a JOINT AIdVenture to DARPA ... have you read of all the hoops they expect you to jump through and conditions you have to agree to should you be proposing to offer anything DARPA may not possess and may be in dire straits need of?

    Jeez! It is no wonder the private and rogue renegade mercenary sectors of novel enterprise are so attractive to adventuring capitalists.

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    So, it's the start of competing standards

    I'm sure we all remember that specific XKCD.

    Kudos, I guess, to DARPA for wanting to clarify how to do what on the Moon, but it's a given that, five years after the first moonbase is up and running, the standards will have changed.

    Because even on the Moon, the faucets will be obsolete after five years, and the replacements won't have the same connectors.

    Because progress, right ?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    But will there be a Burger King?

    How could you survive on Mars without one?

  4. spold Silver badge

    Do they understand...

    ...that everyone there will rent an AirlessBNB Clanger cave?

  5. Spherical Cow

    May I suggest

    240V, not 110V.

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