back to article Watchdog vows crackdown on 'harmful' world of surveillance-by-data-broker

An American watchdog today said it will propose fresh rules governing the type of personal information data brokers can collect and sell – as the White House hosted a roundtable on how to better protect individuals from unwanted surveillance. Back in March, the US government's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) …

  1. EricB123 Bronze badge

    All Rules Subject to Change

    Even if Mr. Biden succeeds in accomplishing any of his stated goals, it seems more than likely the next president will throw all the rules out the window on his first day in office.

  2. Johnb89

    What a bunch of a***holes

    Anyone working at a data broker (or facebook or google), all of whom seem to think that this is ok, could readily be termed an a***hole. An ethics free, evil, a***hole.

    I suggest that everyone at these companies should be required to have a 24/7 webcam on in their main bathroom at home. If they don't like that they can please try to explain how that's really all that different.

    Just F**k Right Off.

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