back to article Oracle shrinks its on-prem cloud into a single rack

Oracle has squeezed the on-prem version of its cloud into a version that fits into a single datacenter rack if required. Let's have a chat about Java licensing, says unsolicited Oracle email READ MORE The offering, dubbed "Compute Cloud@Customer," repeats the approach Big Red uses with its Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@ …

  1. Bebu Silver badge

    "one throat to choke"

    As long its not your own neck you are wringing.

    This one stop shop approach is very much like the halcyon mainframe days when IBM typically supplied everything - compute metal, storage, network, terminals, software etc. Big Red again emulating Big Blue - the customer still needs a long spoon.

    Curious what the split between hardware costs and software licensing costs running say a three rack Oracle on-prem would be with a typical Oracle business software stack. I would not be surprised if the java licensing gazumped eveything :)

    Paraphrasing the classic but apparently quite politically incorrect "Tropic Thunder" line: "Never go full Oracle."

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